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US Auto Sales break record in 2015
US Auto Sales break record in 2015
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Automobile Industry That Opens A New Chapter In Transport History
2014 Automotive Technologies
California's Bullet Train Aims To Combat Climate Change

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Terrafugia develops the first practical flying car

Transition, Terrafugia's street-legal aircraft has accelerated the projection of the first flying car to hit the market in 2019. This aircraft will be followed by a four-seater craft with vertical takeoff and landing version dubbed TF-X. These plans happen to line up with Uber's plans of…

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Reasons to Get a Matching Spare Tire

Every vehicle leaving the factory ought to be equipped with a spare tire. Manufacturers are installing emergency donut tires, which are smaller and are temporary tires due to the lack of enough space to hold a full-sized spare. Some manufacturers do not include a spare tire and replacing it with an…

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2017 Audi A4 wins TSP Award

A Top Safety Pick+ Award has been given to the 2017 Audi A4 thanks to its improvement in notoriously improved performance at an overlap test. There were five main crash tests where the new Audi A4 scored at the top. This is a big shot from the 2016 model that performed poorly on the small overlap…

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What are auto recalls and 2 of the latest recalls

When it comes to buying a new car, you probably put safety at the top of priorities. That and a good stereo, maybe. When a car manufacturer or the NHTSA has determined that a car, the equipment, the seats, or tires pose unnecessary risk for the driver or passengers, then a recall is made. When a car…

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What are the rules for Drag racing cars?

Car enthusiasts love watching drag races and, at times, enjoy experimenting thrilling top speeds in their vehicles. Drag racing is taking over the world as one of the loudest Motorsports, and many people want to venture into the sport throughout Europe and America. However, just like any sport that…

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Brian Vickers to race No. 14 again

Injuries in sports often lead to incredible opportunities. Most notably, Lou Gehrig got his starting spot on the Yankees when Wally Pipp was unable to play, and the rest is history. Recent developments in NASCAR with Brian Vickers are not at that level, but are still notable for their own unique…

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